Caribbean IXP Directory and Traffic Monitoring Initiative

The Caribbean IXP Directory and Traffic Monitoring Initiative is a Caribbean repository. It is a multi-country initiative that directly and automatically collects real-time data from Caribbean IXPs operating in the region. It uses a well-defined open source framework for data collection and publishing of the statistics. An interoperability mind-set is the starting point for this initiative. It is expected that this repository will continue to grow as new IXPs are implemented and as pre-existing IXPs adopt the framework.

Key Activities:

  • The services are hosted at the GREX in Grenada
  • It automatically and manually, if necessary, collects data about the IXPs, whether in operation or in development, using standard network traffic monitoring mechanisms, online forms, surveys, interviews and social media
  • The captured data is exposed for public consumption on the CaribIXPs websites with links to and from other similar websites
  • Continuous collection of data is planned to ensure that the repository remains relevant and informative